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Well, that could have gone better

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/22281-RUS1

Encrypted: LEVEL7; TRANS22/33; DEL

I’ve made a decision – it’s time to get serious about this. We’ve been operating at a loss for a while, with the loss of cargo and people shooting at us and constant damage to the ship. Its the death of a thousand cuts – everything we’ve done as of late has gone disastrously (yet entertainingly) wrong. Time to cultivate our contacts for a while and turn our luck around. First up, we should head to back to Geonosis and see if we can get a cargo of weapons or technology from Duke Piddock.

The Duke, being a busy gentlemen, doesn’t have time to talk to us, but his lieutenant is more than happy to hold an audience with us. He gladly lets us have several crates of munitions and weapons for a very reasonable price. He also gives us a prototype blaster rifle that his company is working on to demonstrate to our clients, with an option to buy more if they like what they see.

Next stop – Ryloth and New Meen. It’s been several months now, so Nyn Kalbo and her associates should have the mining operations up and running – and with all that valuable spice, they will need weapons to help defend it. This should be a perfect made match – client and product and us ready to sell it to them.

Although our visit was unexpected, Nyn is thrilled to see us, as the mines are just now all coming on line and her people look to finally be turning a profit. While she likes the guns, Nyn takes a shine to the heavier weapon and grenade launcher. She is willing to take what we have and buy several more heavy weapons and some ordinance for the launchers – provided that we include some training with the weapons. Mahitha agrees, handling weapons without proper training is irresponsible – and between her and Shadya, they should be able to help the twi’leks attain sufficient proficiency.

So – back to Geonosis. Before we depart, I drop a quick message to the Duke’s man telling him of our imminent arrival and to prepare another shipment of heavy weapons. The shipment is loaded without issue, and while this second batch goes a long way to cleaning us out of credits, the spice we’ll get in trade from New Meen will more than make up for our troubles.

Well, that is until every single one of use misses every warning sign on our final approach back to Ryloth. The scanners were crystal clean, the communications groundside seemed smooth, no unusual landmarks or personnel around the landing field. However, the squad of stormtroopers who meet us at the bottom of the ramp, with our very illegal ordnance at the top and in plain view, is a very solid sign that something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Mahitha shoves the four imperials as hard as she can out the hatch, slamming it closed as soon as they’re clear and shouting for us to lift off. While initially I might have been able to smooth talk our way out of trouble, the TIE fighters now in route for us probably are not in a mood to listen anymore. The deal gone irreparably wrong, we climb for space – and get torn apart by the fire from the TIE fighters.

Oh wait. We have shields. I probably should turn those on.

Further compounding the problem, once we do hit the hyperlimit, Del has problems calculating the jump to hyperspace. Constant power fluctuations to the navigation computer make working extremely difficult. But hey, no pressure – the incoming star destroyer is still pretty far off. Plenty of time.

We jump just as the Imperial warship comes into firing range, limping back to Tal Dor station. Unfortunately we’ve got a cargo full of illegal guns and no operating capital to speak of.

Since I have not been idle these last several months, I know some people who know some people where I can unload our cargo at slightly above cost. It’s not a great profit, but at least we don’t completely lose our bankroll. Sadly all that newly raised capital goes straight back into repairing the ship. After all told, we lost money on this operation.

Not, as I was hoping, a turning around of our luck.

So, three or four days of waiting around while Del returns to ship to fighting form again. Mahitha spends her time discussing philosophy with one of the monks running the station. Shadya samples the local night life and I help Del with the repairs. That’s when we find the long lost Star of Usk – a old family relic that went missing fifteen years ago.

Wait – what was it doing hidden in my engine room all this time?

Tempting though it may be to sell this artifact, solving all our financial difficulties in one go, I should return this important family heirloom as soon as I can. Of course the question of how to do so should be interesting, considering just how wrong my last visit home was. I will need to think on this for a while. . . .


The Final Fate of Teemo the Hutt

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/23251-12

Encrypted: LEVEL3; TRANS77/101; RECV

Well, we’ve successfully managed to get out from under the thumb of Teemo the Hutt, and we’ve come away with a tidy sun, too. Actually it was Mahitha that landed the killing blow -well, kind of. But I’m getting ahead of myself. . . .

The first step in our plan to get out of our predicament with Teemo was to gather allies – or at least poison the well against Teemo. And so it was off to Geonosis to a a gathering with Duke Piddok. I say gathering loosely because it was really simply a cover for selling weapons to assorted clinets. Of course, mind you given that we need to start building a network of contacts – assuming that we can clear up this mess with Teemo – perhaps I can spin this into an advantage for us.

Mingling with the guests, we spread out. There’s a couple of teenagers who looked way too out of place at a elegant gathering such as this, a coldly distant lady named Marru Jakkar who warmed up to my winning personality and proposed that we do business at a future date, and a handful of assorted aliens I couldn’t identify. And then there’s Piddok.

Convincing Piddok of the trouble with Teemo was reasonably easy – Del had managed to acquire some pretty damming evidence against The Hutt. The communications, the mysterious chitinous shells, the fact that the Hutt has a kubaz spy on staff, all pointing to Teemo being a bad business partner. Incensed, Piddock permits us to stow away on his shipment to Tatooine. While he cant pull the guards off the transport or his shipyards without arousing undue suspicions, he’ll do his best to get the guards looking the other way. We’ll have to make do with sneaking past.

Meanwhile in the party, Shadya caught a Gand Findsman glancing in our direction and Mahitha spotted him following discreetly as we left – but before we could act on the information that he was indeed following us, Mahitha nosily fell down a flight of stairs. The Findsman, realizing that he had been made, slipped away into the crowd. Regardless of the embarrassment, we’d better accelerate our departure.

The transport was docked at a loading gantry, some 50 feet off the tarmac, droids and geonosians scurrying about preparing for departure. Since we’d prefer to avoid violence if we can, we climbed the support structure, attempting to gain access to the ship from underneath. The plan was solid enough, until Shadya lost her grip and bounced her way down the gantry. Fortunately all she received was a nasty bruise and some pulled muscles but she was fit enough to pop the lock on the freighter and get us inside.

With a couple of hours to kill, I begin educating Del with fencing lessons – or in this case, a piece of rebar we found lying around in the cargo hold. She’s eager to learn some self defense, and I would shame Master Phan if I didn’t pass on what I’ve learned. One of the mandates of the Eight Rivers school is being a teacher – and while I’m no master of melee like Mahitha is, I’m not bad.

A short time later, we’re back on Tatooine – a hot, oppressively dry and arid place as ever I’ve seen. I can’t say that I’m really fond of the planet, but the necessity to clear this mess up drives me forward! Unfortunately the dockworkers we attacked for their work coveralls also probably wish that we were not on the planet either. But this deception is the easiest way into Teemo’s lair – bringing him the weapons he requested from Piddok.

Speaking of Teemo’s lair, it was very poorly designed palace. No matter how gaudy and pretentious you wish your decor to be, why would you put a heavy crystal chandelier directly above your throne unless you were asking people to assassinate you?

The hastily conceived plan was to deliver Piddok’s message (Basically, “Go to hell!”) and Shadya to shoot the chandelier. We were on track to execute the plan until Shadya took one step too many backwards and fell into the gladiator pit in the center of the room. Today, it seems, gravity is not on her side.

Of course gravity was not on Mahitha’s side either. When she leapt to the chandelier and cut it free, she grabbed the cable below the cut – crashing headlong waist deep in crushed Hutt guts. Me and Delany managed to pick off the last couple of Teemo’s minions – at least the ones that didn’t flee (employee loyalty is apparently at an all time low in Teemo’s organization. I must remember to do team building exercises with the others to prevent this from happening to me). While I went to help Shadya, Del went to search Teemo’s extremely messy corpse.

Are we so bad off that we’re reduced to stealing from the dead? Really?

Now stealing back the weapons that we just delivered? I’m okay with that. Pity that two of Teemo’s henchmen also had the same idea as us and/or were intent on stealing our transport. A brief gunfight later and we managed to stop their getaway – and I have to be very careful about becoming accustomed to shooting at people.

One last thing before we depart, Delany was able to access Teemo’s computer and systems enough to cancel the bounty on our heads. Unfortunately in the process of doing so, she inadvertently accessed the communication systems, returning a previously placed call – Teemo’s uncle, Jabba. Del doesn’t think the person on the other end got a good look at her, but of course with the way our luck has been running. . . .

Oh, speaking of – Piddok’s transport, the one we arrived on Tatooine in, was long since departed. Whether it was something to do with the incident at Teemo’s palace or simple timing, we now have no way back to Genonosis. We’ll have to take a long drive overland to the nearby city of Mos Eisley to try and arrange transport off planet. Well, they say that travel does broaden the mind. . . .