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The Most Dangerous Game

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/62278-66

Encrypted: THETA5; RECALL4-4/12; RECV

After a mostly unproductive trip home, a run-in with a hutt and several dead-ends, it’s time to get serious about this. Instead of simply gallivanting about the galaxy, it’s time to settle down and making some money. So while we’re at Qwenn Space Station for fueling, I set out to try and track down some cargo heading back towards the Danagon sector, perhaps something towards Atikan.

No cargo, but I did find some a Big Game Hunter from an impressive core-world family looking to do some big game hunting on Kirisu. I’ve never heard of Kirisu, but I gather that it’s a rather rugged and primitive planet that’s more or less on the way back to Danagon. All we have to do is deliver him and his hunter companions, wait around a handful of days while they hunt and then ferry them away.

Since it’s a easy run, I used the opportunity to continue my lessons from Shadya and work on my flying. I’m still working on improving my skill, and I am getting better, but I have a long way to go. So a simple landing on Kirisu, that’s easy. No, the incident is when the Big Game Hunters attack everyone in the back of the ship – well, everyone but me, since I was still following the shut down procedure in the cockpit.

Upon hearing the gunfire from the back, realizing that I am greatly outnumbered, I do the only thing I can – lift off and hope that I can keep everyone off balance long enough to come up with a plan. Mind you, I’m not very good at piloting, so I’m not bluffing as I call over the intercom “Gentlemen, we are currently going far faster than my skill set allows” as we plow through trees and jungle.

Eventually conditions overcome my skill level, and I plow the Runaway nose first into a swamp. I blow the emergency bolts on the canopy, shoot the navigation computer several times and flee across the swamp. I almost make it when I was dropped by a lucky, long range shot.

After an unknown amount of time, we awake – stripped of guns, comlinks, medpacks or really any useful equipment. We did have a datapad with a message from the leader of the hunters. Apparently we were the hunted and not just the transportation to the planet. So much for easy money.

For lack of a better idea, we strike out in a random direction, trudging through the jungle and spending the night in a tree. Needless to say, everyone was pretty down. Next morning, was more of the same – until I decide to use my most potent weapon. I may not be good with a gun or can fly with the best of them – but I am good with words. The defeatist attitude was turned around with a genuine, not schmaltzy pep-talk.

And then we get into a fight with the first of the hunters – five weequay warriors try and catch us in an ambush. It would have nearly worked until they themselves were attacked by a large, four armed creature with heavy clubs for hands. This “Whompa” pounded the other group into the ground while we quickly and quietly snuck up a tree to safety.

That’s half of the hunters down. We might come out of this okay. Just the leader, his Whipid sidekick, a brother and sister duo and a laconic gun slinger to deal with.

Speaking of the leader, it wasn’t long before we accidentally stumbled upon him. The skies opened up with a torrential downpour, masking our approach – I found myself nearly nose to nose with him, in fact. I only wish I could communicate with my fellow team members – but I decide on a dangerous gamble. While I hate the idea of murdering someone in cold blood, if I could take out the leader right here and now, we could end this. He doesn’t know I’m here, I’ve got a nice clean shot. I take the shot –

– and it ricochets right off his armor. Yeah, that was a good idea.

His Whipid cohort hits me square in the shoulder with his vibroaxe. His friend, caught off guard by the sudden attack falls down the other side of the slippery mud slope we were standing on. The battle was intense and short – we were lucky enough to overcome the Whipid, but lost sight of The Leader. Which means another night in the wilderness – this time hidden behind a waterfall in a small alcove. Hard, rocky, wet, loud, uncomfortable – and my shoulder wound is looking worse for wear. This time, my cheerful words have their work cut out for them.

It’s another several days before we encounter anyone else. We’re getting further up the closest mountain (although calling it a full blown mountain is being extremely generous), and my shoulder’s looking pretty – well, I try not and look at it too closely. Its early the . . third, fourth – I’ve lost track – morning when we encounter our next set of hunters: the twins.

I’m not much help, but the others manage to overpower the male, causing his sister to become unfocused and distracted. I’m not a combatant, but even I realize that losing control like that is a recipe for disaster. Once she realizes that the tide has turned against her, she retreats over a ridge to a waiting speeder – only to get gunned down just as she reaches it. Under better circumstances, I’d be more forgiving – but now? Not so much.

Del fiddles about under the hood, crossing wires to cause an explosion when the speeder is activated – a long shot to be sure, but anything we can do to even the odds, we’ll take.

Further up the mountainside, we almost run afoul of another of those Whompa creatures. Fortunately we heard it coming early enough to hide ourselves – they’re not very subtle beasts. Unfortunately, the hunter with the very nice sniper rifle had been following us for quite some time. She didn’t snipe us, but she did shoot the monster, angering it and sending it rampaging after us.

Shadya opened up at range, Mahitha was able to take the beast on with an improvised club while me and Del took to the trees. Fortunately there were very large, thick trees for climbing just out of the Whompa’s reach. We manage to deal with the monster, but the sniper eluded us. But by this point, it’s pretty clear which direction we were going, so we expect to see her again on the road.

Later that night, it’s a dark, moonless night – and someone spots a light further up the mountain. It has to be a trap, there’s no way that these professionals would make an amateur mistake like that – that’s more something I would do than a hardened killer would do, But the light remains steady, burning brightly in the night. So – investigate? Move on? Remain hidden? I vote for hiding, but everyone else was more keen on investigating the light – and since there was no way I was remaining behind all alone, up the mountain we go.

Reaching the ridge line, the light is a spotlight on a landing pad of some sort, cut into the side of the cliff. Off to one side is a large cargo crate and a sizable metal door leads into the mountain – not at all what we were expecting. What we are expecting is that if we were trying to snipe prey, the overhang above the pad would be an ideal location to do so. Shadya and Mahitha head flank the overhang while Del and I remain below.

It was a near thing – she was very, very good. Del and I had very little to do, the wrong angle to fire on her. Mahitha and Shadya overcame her by rushing her position – a sniper weapon does you very little when your target is point blank range. It ended very badly for her.

The large metal door was surprisingly unlocked. The crate on the pad was – well, garbage. Biological waste and dinner scrapings – lovely. The door lead to a long stone corridor leading down into the mountain, well out of sight. At the bottom? A vast cavern of ruins, a small team of professors and scholars huddled about a computer terminal discussing an artifact of some sort.

If this is a trap, it’s an exceptionally clever one. – and one that’s taking it’s time to spring. Long enough for Del to properly clean and attend my throbbing shoulder, for us to get some proper rest in the most luxurious cot I have ever slept in. The next morning (or at least the next time I regain conciseness), the kind professors fed us and show us a shortcut to the other side of the mountain.

Yeah, probably not a trap.

However The Runaway sitting in a clearing at the foot of the mountain, all alone and seemingly unguarded almost certainly is. Mahitha, ever the paragon of caution, insists that we find a bolt hole somewhere and wait until he makes a move. And so the waiting game begins.

Well, at least for an hour or so. Look, I’m not designed for crouching in a bush for the better part of a day. It’s been a very long week, I feel like a wreck, my shoulder still hurts and nothing has happened for the better part of – two hours? I have no idea how long we waited there. But enough was enough. At least with him shooting at us, we’ll wrap this up one way or another.

The funny thing – The Hunter drops Mahitha in one go. Not me, not Del – no, the person who wanted to continue to wait some more. Before he can find his range on me, I quickly drag her under cover of the ship. While I try and draw the Hunter’s fire, Del attends to our unconscious body guard and Shadya creeps around behind the perch in the tree, catching him off guard. To my amazement, the teamwork works. I miss him wildly, but it allows Shadya to catch him flat footed, The hunter falls from his perch face first into the mud from 40 feet up – and we’re safe again.

Well, aside from being on a wrecked ship with no navigation computer, a massive set of wounds and some serious stress. Other than that, perfectly fine.

First things first. We get to wander the surrounding forest, finding the important bits of our drive systems getting The Runaway in shape enough that we can limp to the landing pad half way up the mountain for more complete repairs. I did quite a number on the ship in my efforts to get away, so there’s no end of Delany cursing at me. The bright side, But they did have a astromech in their bag of tricks, bypassing our lack of navigation computer.

Well, I guess that’s one good thing that happened this trip. Free droid!

Next stop, Kwenn space station!


Interesting Times on Apess Rosha

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; RETURN 77/71

Context: 616; LPMQ; DW/BETA

Dear Vexa –

Well, that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped – ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself again.

After hearing of Alderaan’s fate, I had to check in on you, make sure you weren’t off seeing that ice boarding instructor you were sweet on last time we were there. We had the two options before us: The first is that Delany tries to hack the holonet and inserts a message to you that way, but the potential of interception and discovery would be great. The other option was to return in person to Apess Rosha, and make physical contact. I’m not sure which one of the two options was more foolish – but sneaking back home is probably the significantly easier of the two.

Before heading core-ward, we decide to configure the Runaway so that we can haul more cargo at the cost of about half the passenger space. This will still give us plenty of room, and the staterooms will maintain their quality, but now we’ve got much more usable space. Hopefully this means larger loads, and more credits in the end – plus while it will anger father, it will make it harder to identify the ship.

While the walls are coming down, I quickly arrange to transport a cargo of pinckney flanges to Apess Rosha. While it will offset the expenses of fuel, mostly it’s to act as a cover for our arrival. While we wait for the cargo to be delivered, I find a stylist and swap out my current look for an all new hairstsyle and color. A quick stop at a boutique on the way back to the spaceport where I swap out my usual clothes It’s nothing like what I’m used to wearing, but I like the big, flowing jacket and glasses – I might have to keep this look.

We touch down in the main spaceport and run into a little detail – I still had my proper identification papers and not an assumed name. While I wouldn’t expect that someone would expect their princess to come through spaceport customs, someone might flag me as a troublemaker and cause us issues. Thinking fast, it was a simple matter to claim to be from Alderaan and all my records were lost. I suspect that – at least for the short term – a lot of nar-do-wells will be coming from there.

Fortunately the customs clerk was more concerned about processing us and moving on to the next ship than pursuing any discrepancies in our paperwork. All we had to do was stand in line for a hour at the licensing bureau and pay a fine. While I don’t have a benchmark to work from, I cant imagine a less efficient governmental department. When I am able to return home, this will be the first thing I straighten out.

And then a surprise – the planet is in mourning. There are black flags everywhere, with great swaths of the populace wearing black and black armbands. Apparently Princesses Salina had just been assassinated – which comes as a great shock to me, I tell you. Grabbing that day’s newsfax, as near as we can tell, a look-alike was killed when their ship (a much more elegant transport than The Runaway) was blown up. Disturbing on several levels. First, there was another me out and about in the galaxy. More troubling – who is trying to kill me?

Mind you, the royal family always has a certain amount of enemies and rival houses lurking at the fringes, but this – such a blatant and bold move – is unprecedented. Hopefully the anonymity of the outer rim will deflect any attempts on my actual person.

As for the matter at hand – you remember that ancient sewer we discovered when we were kids? It’s still there, and wide open – no one has discovered it even after all this time. So we were able to the sewer to breach the fences and infiltrate the palace. After all, I’ve snuck in and out many a time, – it seemed like a solid enough plan

Pity it went all wrong.

Assuming you were home, I directed Mahitha towards your bedroom. Unfortunately, I gather, by this point you had been moved to the more secure location of the Academy campus on Imperial Center and someone else had been occupying your room. Suddenly a poorly timed patrol of security droids wandered past, forcing us to abort. Someone set off the lawn sprinklers, I wind up face down in a muddy flower bed – and we all get caught.

Thinking quickly, I act like I’ve had far too much to drink and pee myself.

Shockingly, nobody on the security staff connected this raggedy, mud covered, urine smelling, bedraggled woman as their princess. I’m not sure if I should be relieved that they overlooked who I am or incensed that they’re so wildly inefficient at their jobs.

I might have been able to talk our way out of this when things took a serious turn – one of the guards spotted a blaster, assuming that we were assassins. Suddenly what started as an annoying encounter for palace security instantly leaps into red alert mode. We’re bundled up into a police speeder for transport downtown to sort this matter out. And then someone shoots us down with some fairly heavy ordinance. It would seem that my mysterious assassin realized his mistake and is still trying to kill me!

Getting away from the crashed speeder, we find refuge in an abandoned garage. Since Mahitha was never identified by the police, she sets out to find us some basic supplies – food, water, a proper change of clothes and so on. That’s when she finds a girl, not much older than I, being menaced in private by two much larger, well dressed men. Since she seems unable to help but indulge her save everyone streak, she leaps to the rescue of this mystery girl, easily driving the two assailants before escorting her safely back to our hideaway.

When this mystery girl and I meet in person, there’s a look of instant recognition across her face. Me, it takes a few moments for me to make the connection – Mahitha just rescued Tala Hydiki, the black sheep of House Hydiki, my second (third? I can never keep that side of the family straight) cousin.

While Tala seems very apprehensive at my presence, she’s comfortable enough to tell us her story. It seems that her life the last few months, more or less, mirrors my trajectory – she has fallen in with a crowd of smugglers and has been working the inner core planets, smuggling spice and other illicit goods. Apparently she was dropping off a cargo for her brothers when they got greedy and started applying physical persuasions for more.

Eventually I managed to convince her that I’m not representing my father in any capacity, that I just want to get off planet without issue. Grateful to Mahitha for her help, she lends whatever assistance she can getting us to the spaceport. It would seem that our assassination attempt has caused quite a stir, and security is at an all time high.

Even worse? It will require a hike through the sewers – wonderful. Even worse, it takes us a full day of dogging workers, security probes and guards before we decide that we just can not penetrate the cordon around the spaceport. So we’ll have one of Tala’s associates, one not on the wanted for questioning list, raise ship in the Runaway while we depart from a less secure spaceport aboard her ship.

While we head south to Falla City, we stop for dinner – and I’m approached by two agents from the Imperial Security Bureau. They don’t particularly care about my falling out with my family. They are more interested in my activities on the outer rim. They would like me, as a loyal citizen of the empire, to keep an eye out for seditious elements and report anything I see.

It’s a week old by this point, but I start out our working relationship by telling them what I know about the Jedi we saw on Tatooine. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but any chance of catching one of those baby snatching terrorists is a good one. I promise to send along whatever information I can when I can.

After disengaging from the ISB agents, it’s a simple matter to get off planet and meet up with the Runaway in a neighboring system. So while I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, I at least confirmed that you’re safe. And we got away without too much difficulty – and we made a business contact in Tala and her crew.

A letter home

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS59/64; DEL

Context: 6E6; ALT; FFN; CNN

Dear Vexa –

I didn’t mean to write to you again so soon, but once I heard about the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of those terrorists, I had to get in touch with you. Actually, I’ll probably risk a direct holocomm, as soon as I talk to the rest of my crew.

I think this message is more for my benefit than yours, I suspect. I mean, we were just on Alderaan ice boarding in the Juran Mountains not but six months ago. Who was the cute boy you were flirting with? Jadick? Jared? All our friends, my one-night-stand with that fellow at the university of Aldera – I cant even remember his name now – all gone.

I’m convinced now more than ever that a strong Empire is best for the galaxy. We have to stamp out these traitors and secessionists before we lose another Alderaan to them! Stay safe, I’ll be in touch soon.

Mos Eisley is a Lovely and Charming Town

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/62271-21

Encrypted: GAMMA4; TRANS12/12; RECV

After a long drive through the night, swapping out drivers as fatigue overcame them, we approached Mos Eisley just as second dawn was breaking. We reached the city limits as the heat started climbing to unbearable levels, the overworked air conditioning in the little truck cabin straining to the breaking point. Of course coming into town, we run headlong into a roadblock of Stormtroopers, searching each vehicle as they came into town.

More Stormtroopers? On Tatooine? And of course us with a truck load of illicit and unlicensed weapons.

Fortunately the Imperials were more interested in locating errant droids than uncovering our accidental gun running. They quickly examined our cargo, ran our identification through their database, fined us a hundred credits for not having the proper permits for the cargo and sent us on our way. While I don’t have much – well really, any experience – with getting past imperial roadblocks, that had the air of them searching for something far more important that us. Either that or people on Tatooine are far more corrupt that I imagined.

It didn’t take us long to figure out what they were looking for. We set about arranging transport back to Geonosis, eventually settling into a local watering hole, a hangout for pilots and tramp freighter captains of all stripes. Finding a likely prospect, a female rodian, I open the negotiations – only to be interrupted by a Jedi of all things. There’s some kind of incident on the other side of the bar, a sudden flash of light in the darkened cantina and suddenly some poor patron is cut in half with that laser sword of his.

If I thought I could slip away without him altering my mind or chopping off my legs, I’d have reported him to one of those Stormtroopers we saw milling about outside. However the good side about having that baby-snatching monk causing trouble in the bar? It helped significantly in persuading our potential pilot that she wanted to get off the planet quickly. She lowered her price and we quietly exited out the back.

At her hanger bay, we lifted off without incident. On the other hand, the Empire was dead serious about catching the Jedi! As we broke atmosphere, we were beset by three Star Destroyers already in orbit. Our pilot threatened to raise her rates again – and we almost didn’t get away – but escape we did. Hyperspace never looked so beautiful.

An hour later, we’re arriving back at Geonosis. We had just enough time to rendezvous with Marru Jakkar again before her transport left for the core. Speaking frankly, she works for an organization that is always on the lookout for new and upcoming talent, would like to offer us future work – give us a break into the business, as it were.

Meanwhile, I catch Duke Piddok ear for a moment. Pleased with our dealing with the Teemo matter, he offered us opportunities to move some guns for him some date in the future.

No bounty on our heads and business opportunities await us at every turn. It looks like I might be successful at this after all!

The Final Fate of Teemo the Hutt

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/23251-12

Encrypted: LEVEL3; TRANS77/101; RECV

Well, we’ve successfully managed to get out from under the thumb of Teemo the Hutt, and we’ve come away with a tidy sun, too. Actually it was Mahitha that landed the killing blow -well, kind of. But I’m getting ahead of myself. . . .

The first step in our plan to get out of our predicament with Teemo was to gather allies – or at least poison the well against Teemo. And so it was off to Geonosis to a a gathering with Duke Piddok. I say gathering loosely because it was really simply a cover for selling weapons to assorted clinets. Of course, mind you given that we need to start building a network of contacts – assuming that we can clear up this mess with Teemo – perhaps I can spin this into an advantage for us.

Mingling with the guests, we spread out. There’s a couple of teenagers who looked way too out of place at a elegant gathering such as this, a coldly distant lady named Marru Jakkar who warmed up to my winning personality and proposed that we do business at a future date, and a handful of assorted aliens I couldn’t identify. And then there’s Piddok.

Convincing Piddok of the trouble with Teemo was reasonably easy – Del had managed to acquire some pretty damming evidence against The Hutt. The communications, the mysterious chitinous shells, the fact that the Hutt has a kubaz spy on staff, all pointing to Teemo being a bad business partner. Incensed, Piddock permits us to stow away on his shipment to Tatooine. While he cant pull the guards off the transport or his shipyards without arousing undue suspicions, he’ll do his best to get the guards looking the other way. We’ll have to make do with sneaking past.

Meanwhile in the party, Shadya caught a Gand Findsman glancing in our direction and Mahitha spotted him following discreetly as we left – but before we could act on the information that he was indeed following us, Mahitha nosily fell down a flight of stairs. The Findsman, realizing that he had been made, slipped away into the crowd. Regardless of the embarrassment, we’d better accelerate our departure.

The transport was docked at a loading gantry, some 50 feet off the tarmac, droids and geonosians scurrying about preparing for departure. Since we’d prefer to avoid violence if we can, we climbed the support structure, attempting to gain access to the ship from underneath. The plan was solid enough, until Shadya lost her grip and bounced her way down the gantry. Fortunately all she received was a nasty bruise and some pulled muscles but she was fit enough to pop the lock on the freighter and get us inside.

With a couple of hours to kill, I begin educating Del with fencing lessons – or in this case, a piece of rebar we found lying around in the cargo hold. She’s eager to learn some self defense, and I would shame Master Phan if I didn’t pass on what I’ve learned. One of the mandates of the Eight Rivers school is being a teacher – and while I’m no master of melee like Mahitha is, I’m not bad.

A short time later, we’re back on Tatooine – a hot, oppressively dry and arid place as ever I’ve seen. I can’t say that I’m really fond of the planet, but the necessity to clear this mess up drives me forward! Unfortunately the dockworkers we attacked for their work coveralls also probably wish that we were not on the planet either. But this deception is the easiest way into Teemo’s lair – bringing him the weapons he requested from Piddok.

Speaking of Teemo’s lair, it was very poorly designed palace. No matter how gaudy and pretentious you wish your decor to be, why would you put a heavy crystal chandelier directly above your throne unless you were asking people to assassinate you?

The hastily conceived plan was to deliver Piddok’s message (Basically, “Go to hell!”) and Shadya to shoot the chandelier. We were on track to execute the plan until Shadya took one step too many backwards and fell into the gladiator pit in the center of the room. Today, it seems, gravity is not on her side.

Of course gravity was not on Mahitha’s side either. When she leapt to the chandelier and cut it free, she grabbed the cable below the cut – crashing headlong waist deep in crushed Hutt guts. Me and Delany managed to pick off the last couple of Teemo’s minions – at least the ones that didn’t flee (employee loyalty is apparently at an all time low in Teemo’s organization. I must remember to do team building exercises with the others to prevent this from happening to me). While I went to help Shadya, Del went to search Teemo’s extremely messy corpse.

Are we so bad off that we’re reduced to stealing from the dead? Really?

Now stealing back the weapons that we just delivered? I’m okay with that. Pity that two of Teemo’s henchmen also had the same idea as us and/or were intent on stealing our transport. A brief gunfight later and we managed to stop their getaway – and I have to be very careful about becoming accustomed to shooting at people.

One last thing before we depart, Delany was able to access Teemo’s computer and systems enough to cancel the bounty on our heads. Unfortunately in the process of doing so, she inadvertently accessed the communication systems, returning a previously placed call – Teemo’s uncle, Jabba. Del doesn’t think the person on the other end got a good look at her, but of course with the way our luck has been running. . . .

Oh, speaking of – Piddok’s transport, the one we arrived on Tatooine in, was long since departed. Whether it was something to do with the incident at Teemo’s palace or simple timing, we now have no way back to Genonosis. We’ll have to take a long drive overland to the nearby city of Mos Eisley to try and arrange transport off planet. Well, they say that travel does broaden the mind. . . .

Saving New Meen

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS88/87; RECV

Context: E3; PAR; 4EADD; COMM

Greetings, dearest sister –

In the few hours between Tatooine and Ryloth, I got a few moments to think about a new name for the Ambrian Dawn. I think I’ll rename my ship to The Runaway. It’s fitting, considering my life as of late. I think it works well and has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, like I said, the Twi’lek we rescued from Trex – a fellow named B’ura B’an – wanted a lift back to his home settlement of New Meen and alluded that we might be able to assist each other. All he asks is to meet the Nyn Kablo, leader of his small Twi’lek Miners Union. I’m fine with this meeting – the Runaway is running low on fuel, so we need to start turning a profit soon.

We touch down in the city of Nabat, an underground settlement – like most of Ryloth, I gather. B’an leads us through the grottos and caverns to a Kablo’s secret hideaway, where she is happy to fill us in on all the details of what exactly we’ve gotten wrapped up in. Teemo, it seems, has been putting pressure on this tiny settlement – via agents and hired goons – to force them off their land, presumably for a hostile takeover. While I’ve never been one for radical social justice, this cannot be allowed to stand. It also doesn’t help that Teemo has placed a significant bounty on our heads for our transgressions on Tatooine. Clearly something needs to be done, and quickly.

Very quickly, in fact – Teemo has agents everywhere. We were intercepted on our way to New Meen by a gang of toughs and ambushed just outside of a rocky crevasse and barely got out of the scrape with our lives. I managed to escape mostly unscathed because I kept my head down, acting as backup and assisting the combatants where I could.

At New Meen, things had become more dire than we were lead to believe. While B’an was away, Teemo’s agent, Angu Drombb, has been stepping up his insidious plan with outright attacks on the community and “accidental” incidents of runaway construction equipment. But Mahitha hit upon a brilliant idea of fortifying the town the best we could then ambushing the ambushers – and since we’re surrounded by miners, they have the skills and equipment to pull off our grand designs!

While I’m not very good at designing. . .whatever we are building – I am good at motivating people and organization. Soon the area was fortified with barricades and pit traps on the remaining accesses into town. The next time Drombb’s men arrive, we’ll be ready for them. It also didn’t hurt that the enemy showed up more inebriated than ready for combat and were easy to defeat. And then Del hit upon the brilliant idea of taking our captured earthmover and adding metal and armor and platforms. A few hours work and she turns it from simple construction equipment to a siege wagon complete with alcohol fueled flame thrower.

I have very odd employees.

The middle of that next night, we sneak up – well, sneak as much as a heavy dirt mover can – on Drombb’s encampment and catch most of his men unawares – or at least drunk. Shadya skillfully bulldozes most of the buildings while Del and Mahitha snipe what few guards we found. While we were dealing with his underlings, Drombb retreated to his other heavy lifter and engaged Shadya in a killdozer duel. Sadly his skills were inadequate to the task at hand and Shadya put him down promptly.

After going through the wreckage, Del finds a barely working computer and pieces together some very incriminating evidence from Teemo – something about setting up a Duke Piddok on Geonosis and having one of his men killed for sport. It looks like all we have to do is get in good with Teemo’s Geonosian partners, poison the well and bring Teemo’s whole empire crashing down around him.

Nothing like a simple challenge, huh?

Trouble with Teemo

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS33/181; RECV

Context: 6E6; RBAN; TFEK1; RPT

Dear vexy –

The outer rim is not at all what I was expecting, not nearly as glamorized as the stories and holos made out to be. Our first stop was the nearby Selatan Asteroid field, finding a respectable service port so that Del can go over the Ambrian Dawn and remove any tracers and detectors that father may have installed and to go over the shipboard navigation systems to remove any automatic positional update software. Father was indeed very thorough, but I think we’ve gotten everything off his ship. Oh – and while we had some down time, I had that huge scratch down the one side removed. From looking, you’d never know that I had damaged father’s precious ship.

I guess I have to come up with a new name for the ship – my ship. There’s not much point changing the identity and transponders if I’m just going to call attention to it with the same name. I’ll have to give it some thought.

While we were in port, Shadya received a message from one Jenx Kava, an old . . . well, friend? Associate? Criminal cohort? I’m unsure what the relationship between the two were, but it was clear that A) Kava is an unpleasant criminal of some note on Atikan and B) Shadya owes him a favor or perhaps some money. I’m not sure what hold Kava has over her, but it must have been a very solid one – I haven’t pried to find out more.

Anyway, Jenx Kava is very cross with Shadya and requires her to pick up a cargo and passenger from the nearby Dur’Zel system and deliver same to Teemo the Hutt in Mos Shuta on Tatooine, We’re not being paid well for this run, more that Kava is demanding this favor in repayment for Shadya’s rather abrupt departure from Atikan.

A quick hop over to the Dur’Zel system where we easily locate the Trandoshan Trex and his cargo – three medium sized crates of some sort. If Shadya is uncouth, Trex is very gruff and unpleasant, with only a handful of words to me and my employees before storming off to the passenger cabin for the bulk of the four day trip. Four days too long – I really need to see about upgrading the hyperdrive as soon as I can afford it.

We’re three days into the journey with barely two words out of Trex when we notice there’s a bad smell beginning to permeate the ship. Del, being the science genius that she is, quickly narrowed the horrible stench down to improperly cured hides – Wookiee hides – in the cargo bay. In the other crate, dismembered Geonosian parts and a kidnapped Twi’lek in the third crates.

Me and Del took the badly out of sorts Twi’lek to the medical bay while the incensed Shadya and Mahitha confronted Trex. Needless to say, violence quickly erupted. I made myself useful by locking the medical bay door.

And then the debate began – what should we do with the pelts. The consensus was that the Wookiee were dead and nothing we could do one way or the other would change that fact. So we follow through the best we can and make the partial delivery to Teemo. No live cargo – the Twi’lek stays with us – but he can keep the Trandoshan, and the pelts. Unfortunately Teemo considered us ‘trying to pull a fast one’ and sent his Gamorrean goons into the streets of Mos Shuta to bring us back to his citadel.

We managed to get the upper hand on the Gammorians by ambushing them in the Mos Shuta Cantina (Shadya and Mahitha can be so violent sometimes), before charming my way into Mos Shuta’s traffic control center to release the docking clamps on my ship, and then dodging Stormtroopers – who seemed annoyed that there was a fight in the peaceful streets – on the way back to the hanger.

Let me say that’s just wrong. Acting against the Empire makes every hair on my head itch. I don’t know why these Imperials are working with Teemo – perhaps they’re just hired goons in Imperial surplus armor or something. But I’m not an outlaw, I’m not a criminal. We shouldn’t be causing trouble like that. But regardless of who is shooting at us and why, we return to the ship and lift off just ahead of Teemo’s men.

Next time, I’ll write you from Ryloth. Talk to you soon.