Asha Odikar (zeltron female) –

A smuggler in the employ of Maru Jakkar. She runs solo onboard the Infinity, specializing in fast, small cargoes over bigger and more flashy loads.

Brother Jaxon (male human) –

A follower of the Eternal Monks of Rabota, out of the Tal Dor space station. He enjoys chatting with Mahetha and/or debating philosophy during the Runaway’s occasional visit.

Boris the Blade (human male) –

An extremely skilled bounty hunter, the one hired to “blow that Shadya bitch up”. Flies the Fair Warning, generally works out of Atikan.

B’ura B’ran (male twi’lek)

The spice mining overseer at the New Meen settlement on Ryloth. He’s not a warrior by any stretch but he knows how to effectively run a spice mine and is loved by his people for it.

Duke Piddok (male geonosian) –

A grand old Geonosian noble of the Gogum Hive on the planet Geonosis. He tends to wear a shining breastplate and several golden bracelets around his wrists and ankles, befitting his station. A weapons and technology manufacturer, flying under the radar of the Empire.

Jenx Kava (male human)-

A crime boss on Atakin of moderate size and power and Shadya’s former employer. Currently on the run from the Empire after the gang left incriminating evidence framing him at the scene of a heist.

Maru Jakkar (female human) –

A slender human woman with coldly sophisticated airs. She tends to favor the fashion and styles of the wealthy core world elite. Representative for Black Sun in the sector, either aboard her Barloz-class freighter the Eyeshine or aboard the luxury liner Star of Empire.

Nyn Kalbo (female twi’lek)

The community leader of the New Meen mining settlement on the planet Ryloth. Deals with the spice distribution and management in conjunction with B’ran.

Tallia Hydiki (female human) –

Princess Saleena’s black sheep cousin from House Hydiki. Tallia unexpectedly left her posh old life behind and has been working the core worlds with the crew of The Scofflaw as a trader and smuggler ever since.

Zemos Lassiter (human male) –

A smuggler on-board the YT-1350 Gentleman’s Club – who is more lucky than skilled (although don’t discount the power of Luck). Better known as Mister Spicy to the Runaway crew, mostly from his inability to handle hot finger food.


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