The adventures of the crew of the YT-1300 tramp freighter Runaway on the outer rim of the galaxy.

THE CAPTAIN – Princess Salina Bymm (human female)

Queen of a Thousand Years, heir to the Eternal Dynastic Union of Apess Rosha of the the Cheseath Commonwealth. Princess Salina left home to escape an arranged marrage to the son of Count Rosmer na-Mevrain of the Travain Confederacy, a loveless, joyless existence with a man that she could barely stand. So she stole her father’s vintage, mint YT-1300 and fled to the distant stars.

THE PILOT – Shadya Quinn (human female)

A former fixer for crime lord Kava Jenx on the rim world of Atikan. She has since left his employ to work for Princess Salina as her driver. Heavily cyborged, thanks to an explosion during one of her last jobs for Jenx.

THE BODYGUARD – Mahitha Kiltearn (human female)

From a small mining town on the mid rim world of Eltaris, Mahitha picked up a wide variety of  skills with blasters and blades. Before joining the crew of the Runaway as the crew’s bodyguard, she drifted the galaxy, earning her keep as a bouncer, a gun for hire or a troubleshooter.

THE MECHANIC – Delainey (human female)

Description forthcoming

THE SLICER – Kikoru Na’nanshi (twi’lek female)

Daughter of a Jedi – but not actually a force user herself. Raised on Courscant, only just escaping Operation: Knightfall to escape to the rim. Drifted the galaxy as a thief, a tattoo artist, a waitress, assorted unskilled labor and a eventually hacker.


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