A Touching Reunion

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/22299-SUS2

Encrypted: GER4-0POR/47:01+1

In order to deliver the stolen prototype hyperdrive without exposing ourselves to unnecessary danger and betrayal, we exit out of hyperspace a short distance away from the rendezvous coordinates so we can get a look at who is waiting for us. Turns out, we’re meeting a lone capital ship, a Nebulon B, I think it is. Since things seem to be on the up-and-up, we move closer and hail them.

Upon docking, we find surprise waiting for us. From the uniforms and demeanor, these people are those upstart “rebel” terrorists. Wonderful, now we’re committing treason.

It’s far too late for us to back out of the deal now, and these troublemakers would hardly let us go even if we did – so I’ve got no choice to proceed with the transaction despite my misgivings about them. Even worse? While waiting in a lounge for our money, I spot another Salina in the corridor – what the hell are they doing with another me?

Turns out, they’re using a series of “Salinas” as cover for various missions where a renegade high roller core worlder would help them out with their nefarious schemes. I wasn’t the only princess on the playing field. So – there was the me that was assassinated very publicly, the me that just pulled this heist, the me that’s heading into the core worlds for whatever the Rebels needed done – and then of course Real Me running around and getting into trouble.

I’m not sure I like this development.

However, the terrorists are true to their word – they pay us and let us go without any sort of trouble, Since I’m nosey when it comes to where my reputation is concerned, I have Del do her best to plot their jump into Hyperspace. It’ll do us no good if they change course, but information is power, so I’ll welcome any I can get.. Besides, I can inform my contact at the Imperial Security Bureau as soon as we hit the next port of call and tell them all about what I know and perhaps turn this unfortunate transaction around.

The next planet over – I didn’t even bother checking the name on the astrogation charts – I drop my communiqué to the ISB along with my usual batch of messages. While I might have been an inadvertent traitor to the state, I’ll make amends as quickly as I could.

While I’m away, Del discovers something interesting about the long lost Star of Usk – apparently it has some kind of message imbedded in it! In that someone would have surely noticed it over the centuries that the Star has been in my family’s possession, it must have been a recent addition.

Come to think of it, fifteen years ago was about the time that Uncle Shaqiri also went missing – he was always a (relatively speaking) trouble maker and boat rocker, so him falling off the map was not entirely unexpected. What if he stole the Star, imprinted a message and then hid it away here? But . . . why?

The problem is that it’s an isomorphic data crystal – keyed to a one specific reader. Del might be able to eventually reverse engineer one, but we’re talking years and years of work – obviously not an option. After brainstorming, we decide to head coreworld to Corellia and see if my cousin Tallia has any insight, being that uncle Shaqiri was from her side of the family tree.

Understandingly, Tallia has been out of the loop with her family- her best guess is that Shaqiri’s son is now running his holding, with an estate on Imperial Center. Oh, good.

Eight months ago, I would have been able to walk into Uncle Shaqiri’s estate and find the reader for myself without any of the staff batting an eye (beyond the normal pleasantries that a visitor of my stature would generate) – but now? I’d never make out off the compound again. We need someone who won’t generate suspicion who would be permitted to wander the estate unhindered (which of course leaves Tallia right out). My best option is asking my old handler / bodyguard Manaar Foz – provided or course that Fozzy is still talking to me after I slipped away from the family, that is.

While Del isn’t able to get too deep into the family network, hacking the com-tree to find Fozzy’s current location was pretty easy. She’s still with the family, but she’s been exiled to the family estate on Avendell – presumably punishment for allowing me to slip away. Fortunately it’s a pretty close hop, not too far out of the way, and it’s a fairly quiet planet with not much of an imperial presence, so if she does turn me over, the odds of us slipping away again should be high.

One holo call later – and no, she doesn’t throw me under the speeder. She does solidly punch me for leaving her twisting in the wind like that, but she follows up with a rib-crushing hug. She would have been dismissed, but mother intervened on her behalf – so father moved her to the back forty of the family’s holdings, or at least until his anger subsides some. Otherwise, it’s a pretty joyful reunion – my friends are my friends and all, but Fozzy, she was far more a mother than mother ever was to me. Of everything I had to leave behind, leaving Fozzy hurt the most.

I just didn’t realize it until I got her back.

We show her the Star of Usk and what Del found – yes, she’s seen what might be a companion piece to the Star at the Nephew’s estate. She even thinks she knows where it is, and she’s fairly sure she can get to it. We just have to get her to Imperial Center . . .


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