Just A Simple Misunderstanding

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log.EXE/3422-34

Encrypted: BRA0-0MEX; 33:01

Two days of luxury and opulence deposits us in orbit above Tatooine. Just as a gesture of good will towards us, Mrs Jakkar has made some arrangements on our behalf with a contact on the planet, that they have some work for us – completely off the clock, mind you. She says to meet her contact at Terrant’s Cantina in South Mos Eisley by second sundown tomorrow.

All in all, it’s not a bad wait days – yes the heat is oppressive, but the food isn’t bad and the cover band is pretty good. Occasionally we get creeps trying to strike up conversations, but Mahitha is good at deflecting their desires. However as the day rolls on, and the second day rolls on, it seems that we’ve either missed the contact or have been stood up.

Just as we were about to give up and move on, an older, balding slightly harried looking human slides into the booth next to Shadya and identifies himself as Sar Huurlek. “Sorry I’m late – I ran into some trouble along the way.” he began, “Only to be expected in our line of work, I guess. Anyway, don’t worry. The matter is all in hand and everything is all taken care of. You’re the ones in docking bay eight, right?”

It appears that our contact did indeed arrive.

Of course it becomes quickly apparent that this was NOT the contact. Every time we ask for details or about the offer, he assumes we’re being coy. When he mentions The Package, we try explain we’re in the dark – until finally it comes down to simply being blunt with him. And that’s when Huurlek figures out the problem, he has the wrong people. “But I’ve already sent the container to your ship! I’ve got to stop it or I’m a dead man!” he shouts – and every head in the cantina turns towards us.

Mahitha grabbing his arm, we hassle back to the hanger – just in time to run headlong into a gang of tough men coming up from the bay. We get into a desperate firefight on the stairwell, seconds before there’s an explosion downstairs. Rushing down, we find the hatch to the Runaway blown clean off – again. Making matters worse, they didn’t need to – The Package was just off to one side, sitting on some crates. Yes, if the henchmen had a lick of intelligence about them, they would have noticed their desired object out in the open and they wouldn’t have had to damage my ship!

Shadya and Mahitha get into a fight as more goons come down the back stairs while Delany grabs the package and I scramble up into the ship to start the warm up procedure. As a third set of reinforcements come down the stairs, it becomes clear that we need to leave. Now.

Me and Shadya quickly switch places. While I’m getting much better at flying, if we need quick reactions, I’m better serving in the support capacity. Good call too, since moments after liftoff, we’re beset by several Z-95 Headhunters. They close quickly and start to overwhelm us in short order (although less so, when I remember to turn the shields on) until Shadya runs us headlong into an oncoming sandstorm. She comes to an abrupt stop, drops to the deck and shuts everything down, letting the fighters (who were probably more concerned at staying aloft than hunting us at that point) sail past.

With the sandstorm raging above, we decide to lay low and wait until the coast was clear. In the meantime, Del carefully examines the package in an effort to find out why everyone is so determined to get the item. Opening the crate, it appears to be some kind of cylinder of, with a screw top of some sorts. Fortunately being that she handles sensitive an volatile chemicals all the time, Del has an isolation system that she can rig up, allowing her to open the container and find out what is inside.

Musk. Some kind of musk, or so her chemical analysis says – Krivvit musk, worth about 10,000 credits to the right people. I seem to recall Krivvit musk being used in certain core world circles as a perfume to certain species that favored strange and unusual scents beyond the range of human senses. That doesn’t answer why is it here and why are so many people trying to kill us for it?


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