Mos Eisley is a Lovely and Charming Town

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/62271-21

Encrypted: GAMMA4; TRANS12/12; RECV

After a long drive through the night, swapping out drivers as fatigue overcame them, we approached Mos Eisley just as second dawn was breaking. We reached the city limits as the heat started climbing to unbearable levels, the overworked air conditioning in the little truck cabin straining to the breaking point. Of course coming into town, we run headlong into a roadblock of Stormtroopers, searching each vehicle as they came into town.

More Stormtroopers? On Tatooine? And of course us with a truck load of illicit and unlicensed weapons.

Fortunately the Imperials were more interested in locating errant droids than uncovering our accidental gun running. They quickly examined our cargo, ran our identification through their database, fined us a hundred credits for not having the proper permits for the cargo and sent us on our way. While I don’t have much – well really, any experience – with getting past imperial roadblocks, that had the air of them searching for something far more important that us. Either that or people on Tatooine are far more corrupt that I imagined.

It didn’t take us long to figure out what they were looking for. We set about arranging transport back to Geonosis, eventually settling into a local watering hole, a hangout for pilots and tramp freighter captains of all stripes. Finding a likely prospect, a female rodian, I open the negotiations – only to be interrupted by a Jedi of all things. There’s some kind of incident on the other side of the bar, a sudden flash of light in the darkened cantina and suddenly some poor patron is cut in half with that laser sword of his.

If I thought I could slip away without him altering my mind or chopping off my legs, I’d have reported him to one of those Stormtroopers we saw milling about outside. However the good side about having that baby-snatching monk causing trouble in the bar? It helped significantly in persuading our potential pilot that she wanted to get off the planet quickly. She lowered her price and we quietly exited out the back.

At her hanger bay, we lifted off without incident. On the other hand, the Empire was dead serious about catching the Jedi! As we broke atmosphere, we were beset by three Star Destroyers already in orbit. Our pilot threatened to raise her rates again – and we almost didn’t get away – but escape we did. Hyperspace never looked so beautiful.

An hour later, we’re arriving back at Geonosis. We had just enough time to rendezvous with Marru Jakkar again before her transport left for the core. Speaking frankly, she works for an organization that is always on the lookout for new and upcoming talent, would like to offer us future work – give us a break into the business, as it were.

Meanwhile, I catch Duke Piddok ear for a moment. Pleased with our dealing with the Teemo matter, he offered us opportunities to move some guns for him some date in the future.

No bounty on our heads and business opportunities await us at every turn. It looks like I might be successful at this after all!


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