Saving New Meen

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS88/87; RECV

Context: E3; PAR; 4EADD; COMM

Greetings, dearest sister –

In the few hours between Tatooine and Ryloth, I got a few moments to think about a new name for the Ambrian Dawn. I think I’ll rename my ship to The Runaway. It’s fitting, considering my life as of late. I think it works well and has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, like I said, the Twi’lek we rescued from Trex – a fellow named B’ura B’an – wanted a lift back to his home settlement of New Meen and alluded that we might be able to assist each other. All he asks is to meet the Nyn Kablo, leader of his small Twi’lek Miners Union. I’m fine with this meeting – the Runaway is running low on fuel, so we need to start turning a profit soon.

We touch down in the city of Nabat, an underground settlement – like most of Ryloth, I gather. B’an leads us through the grottos and caverns to a Kablo’s secret hideaway, where she is happy to fill us in on all the details of what exactly we’ve gotten wrapped up in. Teemo, it seems, has been putting pressure on this tiny settlement – via agents and hired goons – to force them off their land, presumably for a hostile takeover. While I’ve never been one for radical social justice, this cannot be allowed to stand. It also doesn’t help that Teemo has placed a significant bounty on our heads for our transgressions on Tatooine. Clearly something needs to be done, and quickly.

Very quickly, in fact – Teemo has agents everywhere. We were intercepted on our way to New Meen by a gang of toughs and ambushed just outside of a rocky crevasse and barely got out of the scrape with our lives. I managed to escape mostly unscathed because I kept my head down, acting as backup and assisting the combatants where I could.

At New Meen, things had become more dire than we were lead to believe. While B’an was away, Teemo’s agent, Angu Drombb, has been stepping up his insidious plan with outright attacks on the community and “accidental” incidents of runaway construction equipment. But Mahitha hit upon a brilliant idea of fortifying the town the best we could then ambushing the ambushers – and since we’re surrounded by miners, they have the skills and equipment to pull off our grand designs!

While I’m not very good at designing. . .whatever we are building – I am good at motivating people and organization. Soon the area was fortified with barricades and pit traps on the remaining accesses into town. The next time Drombb’s men arrive, we’ll be ready for them. It also didn’t hurt that the enemy showed up more inebriated than ready for combat and were easy to defeat. And then Del hit upon the brilliant idea of taking our captured earthmover and adding metal and armor and platforms. A few hours work and she turns it from simple construction equipment to a siege wagon complete with alcohol fueled flame thrower.

I have very odd employees.

The middle of that next night, we sneak up – well, sneak as much as a heavy dirt mover can – on Drombb’s encampment and catch most of his men unawares – or at least drunk. Shadya skillfully bulldozes most of the buildings while Del and Mahitha snipe what few guards we found. While we were dealing with his underlings, Drombb retreated to his other heavy lifter and engaged Shadya in a killdozer duel. Sadly his skills were inadequate to the task at hand and Shadya put him down promptly.

After going through the wreckage, Del finds a barely working computer and pieces together some very incriminating evidence from Teemo – something about setting up a Duke Piddok on Geonosis and having one of his men killed for sport. It looks like all we have to do is get in good with Teemo’s Geonosian partners, poison the well and bring Teemo’s whole empire crashing down around him.

Nothing like a simple challenge, huh?


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