Trouble with Teemo

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS33/181; RECV

Context: 6E6; RBAN; TFEK1; RPT

Dear vexy –

The outer rim is not at all what I was expecting, not nearly as glamorized as the stories and holos made out to be. Our first stop was the nearby Selatan Asteroid field, finding a respectable service port so that Del can go over the Ambrian Dawn and remove any tracers and detectors that father may have installed and to go over the shipboard navigation systems to remove any automatic positional update software. Father was indeed very thorough, but I think we’ve gotten everything off his ship. Oh – and while we had some down time, I had that huge scratch down the one side removed. From looking, you’d never know that I had damaged father’s precious ship.

I guess I have to come up with a new name for the ship – my ship. There’s not much point changing the identity and transponders if I’m just going to call attention to it with the same name. I’ll have to give it some thought.

While we were in port, Shadya received a message from one Jenx Kava, an old . . . well, friend? Associate? Criminal cohort? I’m unsure what the relationship between the two were, but it was clear that A) Kava is an unpleasant criminal of some note on Atikan and B) Shadya owes him a favor or perhaps some money. I’m not sure what hold Kava has over her, but it must have been a very solid one – I haven’t pried to find out more.

Anyway, Jenx Kava is very cross with Shadya and requires her to pick up a cargo and passenger from the nearby Dur’Zel system and deliver same to Teemo the Hutt in Mos Shuta on Tatooine, We’re not being paid well for this run, more that Kava is demanding this favor in repayment for Shadya’s rather abrupt departure from Atikan.

A quick hop over to the Dur’Zel system where we easily locate the Trandoshan Trex and his cargo – three medium sized crates of some sort. If Shadya is uncouth, Trex is very gruff and unpleasant, with only a handful of words to me and my employees before storming off to the passenger cabin for the bulk of the four day trip. Four days too long – I really need to see about upgrading the hyperdrive as soon as I can afford it.

We’re three days into the journey with barely two words out of Trex when we notice there’s a bad smell beginning to permeate the ship. Del, being the science genius that she is, quickly narrowed the horrible stench down to improperly cured hides – Wookiee hides – in the cargo bay. In the other crate, dismembered Geonosian parts and a kidnapped Twi’lek in the third crates.

Me and Del took the badly out of sorts Twi’lek to the medical bay while the incensed Shadya and Mahitha confronted Trex. Needless to say, violence quickly erupted. I made myself useful by locking the medical bay door.

And then the debate began – what should we do with the pelts. The consensus was that the Wookiee were dead and nothing we could do one way or the other would change that fact. So we follow through the best we can and make the partial delivery to Teemo. No live cargo – the Twi’lek stays with us – but he can keep the Trandoshan, and the pelts. Unfortunately Teemo considered us ‘trying to pull a fast one’ and sent his Gamorrean goons into the streets of Mos Shuta to bring us back to his citadel.

We managed to get the upper hand on the Gammorians by ambushing them in the Mos Shuta Cantina (Shadya and Mahitha can be so violent sometimes), before charming my way into Mos Shuta’s traffic control center to release the docking clamps on my ship, and then dodging Stormtroopers – who seemed annoyed that there was a fight in the peaceful streets – on the way back to the hanger.

Let me say that’s just wrong. Acting against the Empire makes every hair on my head itch. I don’t know why these Imperials are working with Teemo – perhaps they’re just hired goons in Imperial surplus armor or something. But I’m not an outlaw, I’m not a criminal. We shouldn’t be causing trouble like that. But regardless of who is shooting at us and why, we return to the ship and lift off just ahead of Teemo’s men.

Next time, I’ll write you from Ryloth. Talk to you soon.


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