Meet the Crew

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/22281-1

Encrypted: LEVEL2; TRANS77/33; RECV

Since sending messages to Vexia is dangerous for both her and me, I shall make my notes in this secure journal, for when I write my memoirs years from now. And since I will be throwing around some new names, I had better bring you the reader up to speed on my employees.

First up is my pilot, Mrs. Shadya Quinn. I know very little about Shadya in general – I gather she has had some kind of serious accident in the past, which is why Shadya sports a very obvious cybernetic eye. Because of that concerned policeman that stopped us back on Atikan, I know she’s got a criminal record of some sort, that she was a very rough person back on Atikan – but I know nothing of the details. Perhaps she was some kind of hired muscle for less than savory people?

I know for sure that she’s got two younger siblings at the university on Dorian – that much she’s made plain. But beyond that, she’s very much a person of mystery. She seems to be a good person, if a touch crude and unrefined. Actually, check that – she’s extremely rude and uncouth at times. It still doesn’t change the fact that Shadya Quinn seems to have a good heart – and I pride myself on being a good judge of people.

Then there’s Mahitha – quite the polar opposite of Shadya. She’s a very unusual sort – a drifter who has wandered the rim working as a bouncer and muscle for hire. While she’s very direct in her dealings and often very violent, she’s also very a carefree and a happy-go-lucky soul. She likes tending the sand garden she has tucked away in a corner of the lounge. She is quiet and calm with just a hint of fun bubbling under the surface.

She’s very skilled with her sword, tends not to use blasters – at least that I’ve seen – and she’s not one you want to get into a fight with. Of course she did save me and Del from being mugged and worse on Atikan, so that might be coloring my perceptions of her.

Then there’s Del. Like I said earlier, she’s an old associate from the academy. She’s a very solid mechanic – even if she is a bit flighty. While she was not quite in my social circles, she is from a reasonably important core family – she’s closer to my side of the tracks than Mahitha and Shadya’s. It makes for the occasionally interesting discussion around the dinner table.



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