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Saving New Meen

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS88/87; RECV

Context: E3; PAR; 4EADD; COMM

Greetings, dearest sister –

In the few hours between Tatooine and Ryloth, I got a few moments to think about a new name for the Ambrian Dawn. I think I’ll rename my ship to The Runaway. It’s fitting, considering my life as of late. I think it works well and has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, like I said, the Twi’lek we rescued from Trex – a fellow named B’ura B’an – wanted a lift back to his home settlement of New Meen and alluded that we might be able to assist each other. All he asks is to meet the Nyn Kablo, leader of his small Twi’lek Miners Union. I’m fine with this meeting – the Runaway is running low on fuel, so we need to start turning a profit soon.

We touch down in the city of Nabat, an underground settlement – like most of Ryloth, I gather. B’an leads us through the grottos and caverns to a Kablo’s secret hideaway, where she is happy to fill us in on all the details of what exactly we’ve gotten wrapped up in. Teemo, it seems, has been putting pressure on this tiny settlement – via agents and hired goons – to force them off their land, presumably for a hostile takeover. While I’ve never been one for radical social justice, this cannot be allowed to stand. It also doesn’t help that Teemo has placed a significant bounty on our heads for our transgressions on Tatooine. Clearly something needs to be done, and quickly.

Very quickly, in fact – Teemo has agents everywhere. We were intercepted on our way to New Meen by a gang of toughs and ambushed just outside of a rocky crevasse and barely got out of the scrape with our lives. I managed to escape mostly unscathed because I kept my head down, acting as backup and assisting the combatants where I could.

At New Meen, things had become more dire than we were lead to believe. While B’an was away, Teemo’s agent, Angu Drombb, has been stepping up his insidious plan with outright attacks on the community and “accidental” incidents of runaway construction equipment. But Mahitha hit upon a brilliant idea of fortifying the town the best we could then ambushing the ambushers – and since we’re surrounded by miners, they have the skills and equipment to pull off our grand designs!

While I’m not very good at designing. . .whatever we are building – I am good at motivating people and organization. Soon the area was fortified with barricades and pit traps on the remaining accesses into town. The next time Drombb’s men arrive, we’ll be ready for them. It also didn’t hurt that the enemy showed up more inebriated than ready for combat and were easy to defeat. And then Del hit upon the brilliant idea of taking our captured earthmover and adding metal and armor and platforms. A few hours work and she turns it from simple construction equipment to a siege wagon complete with alcohol fueled flame thrower.

I have very odd employees.

The middle of that next night, we sneak up – well, sneak as much as a heavy dirt mover can – on Drombb’s encampment and catch most of his men unawares – or at least drunk. Shadya skillfully bulldozes most of the buildings while Del and Mahitha snipe what few guards we found. While we were dealing with his underlings, Drombb retreated to his other heavy lifter and engaged Shadya in a killdozer duel. Sadly his skills were inadequate to the task at hand and Shadya put him down promptly.

After going through the wreckage, Del finds a barely working computer and pieces together some very incriminating evidence from Teemo – something about setting up a Duke Piddok on Geonosis and having one of his men killed for sport. It looks like all we have to do is get in good with Teemo’s Geonosian partners, poison the well and bring Teemo’s whole empire crashing down around him.

Nothing like a simple challenge, huh?


Trouble with Teemo

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS33/181; RECV

Context: 6E6; RBAN; TFEK1; RPT

Dear vexy –

The outer rim is not at all what I was expecting, not nearly as glamorized as the stories and holos made out to be. Our first stop was the nearby Selatan Asteroid field, finding a respectable service port so that Del can go over the Ambrian Dawn and remove any tracers and detectors that father may have installed and to go over the shipboard navigation systems to remove any automatic positional update software. Father was indeed very thorough, but I think we’ve gotten everything off his ship. Oh – and while we had some down time, I had that huge scratch down the one side removed. From looking, you’d never know that I had damaged father’s precious ship.

I guess I have to come up with a new name for the ship – my ship. There’s not much point changing the identity and transponders if I’m just going to call attention to it with the same name. I’ll have to give it some thought.

While we were in port, Shadya received a message from one Jenx Kava, an old . . . well, friend? Associate? Criminal cohort? I’m unsure what the relationship between the two were, but it was clear that A) Kava is an unpleasant criminal of some note on Atikan and B) Shadya owes him a favor or perhaps some money. I’m not sure what hold Kava has over her, but it must have been a very solid one – I haven’t pried to find out more.

Anyway, Jenx Kava is very cross with Shadya and requires her to pick up a cargo and passenger from the nearby Dur’Zel system and deliver same to Teemo the Hutt in Mos Shuta on Tatooine, We’re not being paid well for this run, more that Kava is demanding this favor in repayment for Shadya’s rather abrupt departure from Atikan.

A quick hop over to the Dur’Zel system where we easily locate the Trandoshan Trex and his cargo – three medium sized crates of some sort. If Shadya is uncouth, Trex is very gruff and unpleasant, with only a handful of words to me and my employees before storming off to the passenger cabin for the bulk of the four day trip. Four days too long – I really need to see about upgrading the hyperdrive as soon as I can afford it.

We’re three days into the journey with barely two words out of Trex when we notice there’s a bad smell beginning to permeate the ship. Del, being the science genius that she is, quickly narrowed the horrible stench down to improperly cured hides – Wookiee hides – in the cargo bay. In the other crate, dismembered Geonosian parts and a kidnapped Twi’lek in the third crates.

Me and Del took the badly out of sorts Twi’lek to the medical bay while the incensed Shadya and Mahitha confronted Trex. Needless to say, violence quickly erupted. I made myself useful by locking the medical bay door.

And then the debate began – what should we do with the pelts. The consensus was that the Wookiee were dead and nothing we could do one way or the other would change that fact. So we follow through the best we can and make the partial delivery to Teemo. No live cargo – the Twi’lek stays with us – but he can keep the Trandoshan, and the pelts. Unfortunately Teemo considered us ‘trying to pull a fast one’ and sent his Gamorrean goons into the streets of Mos Shuta to bring us back to his citadel.

We managed to get the upper hand on the Gammorians by ambushing them in the Mos Shuta Cantina (Shadya and Mahitha can be so violent sometimes), before charming my way into Mos Shuta’s traffic control center to release the docking clamps on my ship, and then dodging Stormtroopers – who seemed annoyed that there was a fight in the peaceful streets – on the way back to the hanger.

Let me say that’s just wrong. Acting against the Empire makes every hair on my head itch. I don’t know why these Imperials are working with Teemo – perhaps they’re just hired goons in Imperial surplus armor or something. But I’m not an outlaw, I’m not a criminal. We shouldn’t be causing trouble like that. But regardless of who is shooting at us and why, we return to the ship and lift off just ahead of Teemo’s men.

Next time, I’ll write you from Ryloth. Talk to you soon.

Meet the Crew

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/22281-1

Encrypted: LEVEL2; TRANS77/33; RECV

Since sending messages to Vexia is dangerous for both her and me, I shall make my notes in this secure journal, for when I write my memoirs years from now. And since I will be throwing around some new names, I had better bring you the reader up to speed on my employees.

First up is my pilot, Mrs. Shadya Quinn. I know very little about Shadya in general – I gather she has had some kind of serious accident in the past, which is why Shadya sports a very obvious cybernetic eye. Because of that concerned policeman that stopped us back on Atikan, I know she’s got a criminal record of some sort, that she was a very rough person back on Atikan – but I know nothing of the details. Perhaps she was some kind of hired muscle for less than savory people?

I know for sure that she’s got two younger siblings at the university on Dorian – that much she’s made plain. But beyond that, she’s very much a person of mystery. She seems to be a good person, if a touch crude and unrefined. Actually, check that – she’s extremely rude and uncouth at times. It still doesn’t change the fact that Shadya Quinn seems to have a good heart – and I pride myself on being a good judge of people.

Then there’s Mahitha – quite the polar opposite of Shadya. She’s a very unusual sort – a drifter who has wandered the rim working as a bouncer and muscle for hire. While she’s very direct in her dealings and often very violent, she’s also very a carefree and a happy-go-lucky soul. She likes tending the sand garden she has tucked away in a corner of the lounge. She is quiet and calm with just a hint of fun bubbling under the surface.

She’s very skilled with her sword, tends not to use blasters – at least that I’ve seen – and she’s not one you want to get into a fight with. Of course she did save me and Del from being mugged and worse on Atikan, so that might be coloring my perceptions of her.

Then there’s Del. Like I said earlier, she’s an old associate from the academy. She’s a very solid mechanic – even if she is a bit flighty. While she was not quite in my social circles, she is from a reasonably important core family – she’s closer to my side of the tracks than Mahitha and Shadya’s. It makes for the occasionally interesting discussion around the dinner table.


Greetings from the Edge of the Empire

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS59/64; RECV

Context: 6E6; AMAN; IMMD; RPT

My dearest sister Vexa –

I’m sorry that I had to sneak out off the estate and leave home so abruptly, but I had a very small window before Viscount na-Mervrain arrived. After my arranged wedding I would have never been able to slip away from the palace. And please apologize for me to father for borrowing his ship – but I knew that security around his personal hanger would be lighter than the family landing field. Oh, but you would have loved it – the Ambrian Dawn flies like a dream. It’s almost criminal that father never flew it himself. A vintage YT-1300 like this demands to stretch her legs.

Slipping through the Apess Rosha planetary security network was child-play – being the First Princess of the Eternal Dynastic Union has its privileges, after all. Next stop? The outer rim, a planet I picked off the star charts at random, a fascinating sounding planet in the Danagon sector called Atikan. All the travel logs say that it’s a scenic planet with all the excitement of the edge of space and the luxury of the civilized worlds – it sounds as good a jumping off point to my adventures in the wild fringes of space as any.

Plus it’s unlikely that father or na-Mervrain will look in a region as rural as the Danagon sector. I should be left alone long enough to figure out how to deal with this arranged marriage.

It’s a long four days from the core to the rim plenty of time to get familiar with the ship. Mind you, I’m still very green at all of this – but I’m smart, I should figure everything out quickly. Like – for example – how the travel logs were completely wrong about Atikan – instead of a pleasant world that sounded pretty much in line with home, the reality – well, not so much. The skies were very polluted, the luster had long left the buildings, and the crime pretty significant.

And worse – I scratched the Ambrian Dawn when landing! Father, if he wasn’t already furious – would be more so. The damage wasn’t too bad, and I should be able to have someone repair that easily. But it is very embarrassing my first time out. Anyway, the details can wait – time to explore the spaceport.

Although you’ll never guess who I ran into Delainy, from the academy! I know – imagine the odds. A planet on the outer rim, picked out of the blue thousand of light years from home, and I run into someone I knew! I don’t think you ever met her, she was never in the same social circles as our family, but I did attend several classes with her – I only met her in passing, really. Del was as shocked to see me as I was to see her – and more than a little apprehensive. It would seem that she had fallen into a bit of trouble with the Empire since the last time I had seen her and she was instantly suspicious of running into a princess from her home-world in this remote sector.

It doesn’t take me too long to smooth things over with her, that I’m in fact not here to turn her in, despite having an uncle in the Imperial Security Bureau, that I’m just as much looking to go un-noticed as she is. Of course as we were on our way somewhere discrete to talk over old times, the holomap of the spaceport took us right through a very bad part of town. It wasn’t long before six ruffians cornered us in a side passage and were looking to do violence on us. Fortunately we were saved by a good Samaritan with a sword, who proceeded to remove one of the mendicant’s heads!

Did I mention that this planet is crazy?

This newcomer – Mahitha Kiltearn, she called herself – was a tall, wiry female human, not much older than I – but she carried herself with a manner more befitting this rough part of town. Seeing two reasonably helpless women all alone, Mahitha takes it upon herself to escort us back to my hanger bay. However upon reaching hanger 883 – my ship is missing! Someone stole the Ambrian Dawn! Even worse, I cant very well report it as stolen, since it was – well, it would have sent up all sorts of unwanted flags in the local networks for father to easily follow.

I was able to sweet-talk my way into spaceport control to see if they had a direction we could follow, be it straight up, nearby or what have you. Following the sensor logs, the ship is at least 600 miles to the west, in possibly one of the nicer, smaller townships. It’s a start. but we need more information, we need the lay of the land – so we get to venture back into the more colorful parts of town to talk to more colorful denizens for help. At the HorseCrab (an exceptionally – ahem, colorful – dive), named Shadya Quinn who is more than happy to hook me up with a information broker – for the price of a ride off planet.

Shadya’s Bothan contact is reasonably cordial and forthcoming – until I mention that I’m looking for a vintage YT-1300 that was recently stolen and the general heading the ship was last seen on. He very curtly tells us that the information we require will take a while to gather, so he tells us to come back after a bit. I guess that means it’s time to lunch at a – well, what I gather to be a chain of local diners – called Syambo’s. Mahitha and Shadya go on and on about the quality of the establishment and excellence of the food, how they have real cream and so on. Well, I guess whatever makes you happy – but it’s quite a comedown from my usual fare.

Returning to Shadya’s Bothan broker, he does have information – the ship was stolen at the instruction of Lady Treella, an old associate of fathers who was very keen on currying favor by returning me home. Worse, the Bothan had sinister intent by capturing us and turning us over to Treella for a substantial reward. My counter-proposal was abruptly cut off when the blasters came out and I found myself in the middle of a firefight! Ms Quinn blew a hole in the wall, someone yelled get the Bothan (just on the other side) and inexplicably, I dove through the opening to apprehend him and end this quickly.

So, we have a target, but now we need a plan. We have to get into House Treella’s compound and steal my ship back – hopefully without too much blaster fire. Del comes up with the tactic of perhaps cutting the main power to Lady Treella’s compound and using the confusion as cover while we make for the ship. It sounds like a viable plan, since Del is very good with computer systems.

However while Del and Shadya were out finding a computer system she could hack from I’m hit by a stun bolt through the window – a shooter on the other roof, under the Bothan’s employ. The Bothan takes this opportunity to go for a weapon and try and to gun me down. We exchange bolts and I . . . I think I killed that Bothan.

That was – I’ve never done that before. Yes, I can justify that with he was trying to get me, but I – okay, compartmentalize and deal with this flood of emotions later. If my upbringing has taught me anything, I should be good at doing that!

In need of transportation, we – ahem, borrowing the late Bothan’s landspeeder and start the long drive to Lady Treella’s home. Along the way, Del and I try and hash out Del’s problems – quietly, in the back. While Shadya and Mahitha seem to be nice enough people, it’s still probably bad form to air any of our dirty laundry in front of them. While I wont deny that they’re both competent in their assorted fields, they’re still complete strangers.

As we reach the nicer township, the air becomes cleaner, the houses nicer – and we start attracting attention. A officer of the law pulls us over, presumably for being in teh wrong section of town. While Shadya and Mahitha look rough, I am able to smooth things over for the concerned officer, waylaying any fears that the pair are up to no good, or that they’ve kidnapped me. He waves us on, with a warning to watch those two, that they’re obviously disreputable.

We arrive at Lady Treella’s compound without further incident – a relatively modest affair with a three story mansion, several out buildings (one we can identify as the hanger) and a low wall surrounding it all. It’s just a matter now waiting until the power goes out – we should have a few moments to move before the back up generators come online.

The sun sets and right on cue, the mansion is plunged into darkness, and we start our trek across the courtyard. We’re well over half way to the target when we hear a low rumble in the distance. A ship full of mercenaries arrive a moment later, and assuming they’ve beaten us to the estate, deploy to their stations on the wall. Finally, a lucky break.

From there, it was pretty simple to sneak past the Stormtroopers that are watching over Lady Treella – and I tell you, it feels wrong to shirk the law like that. The security inside the hanger was nearly non-existent, so getting on the ship was easy. Yes we attracted all sorts of attention and Shadya started the lift off sequence, but by that point there was nothing they could have done. The mercenaries tried to scramble to their ship, but with the element of surprise on our side – it’s hyperspace ahoy!

It’s a very odd group that I’ve fallen in with – they all seem very skilled at their own specialties, and I do need a pilot – and it does seem that despite reading the stories and watching the videos of the wild edge of space, I’m woefully unprepared for life in the outer rim – I offer to sign the three on as crew. Imagine me, space captain with my very own crew on my very first adventure! Mind you, it didn’t exactly unfold as I imagined it, but it was very exciting regardless!

I cant wait to see what happens next! Be in touch soon!